Recap: “When Catfish Broke the Internet”

Another week, another piece of Catfish nostalgia as Charlamagne tha God hosts Catfish for the second straight special episode, “When Catfish Broke the Internet.” A tribute to all of the moments that went viral from the show. Let’s jump right into it!

Mike & Kristen

In this episode, Mike taught us all a valuable lesson. Never, EVER send a nude with your face in the picture.After finally meeting Kristen, we discovered that she was not lying about everything. She was in a car accident and did lose one of her eyes because of it.I do feel for Kristen, but I’m also absolutely grossed out by this. Not by her having a fake eye, but by her popping it out of her head. Eyeballs are the nastiest part of the human body, fake or real. It might be strange, but I’d like to think everyone has something weird that makes them nauseous. Mine just happens to be eyeballs.

Keyonnah & Bow Wow?

Well, not really. Keyonnah legitly thought she had been dating rapper Bow Wow online for years. When in reality, she was dating a girl named Dee who admitted to tricking straight women into having sex with her by using a lamb skin dildo. Ooooof.

Blaire & Markie

Ok, Markie was a certified crazy person. She lied about being kidnapped, called Blaire from a hospital telling her that she wasn’t over her ex and that they should just be friends, then creepily confessed her love for Blaire when they met. Like I said, certified crazy person. Nev, who is typically the “good cop” between him and Max, flipped the script and put Markie in a body bag.​

Artis & Jess

This episode is home to the creepiest slow claps in the history of slow claps:Turns out, “Jess” was a sweaty, bearded, sexually confused, man named Justin. What a world.

Spencer & Katy Perry?

​There’s gullible, then there’s Spencer. Nev, Max and Spencer flew all the way to England to find “Katy Perry,” only to find out that “Katy Perry” was actually a girl named Harriet. Shocker. Then Spencer took it to the next level.​

​I have a feeling Spencer STILL believes that he was talking to Katy Perry to this day. Shoot your shot, Spencer.

An all-time quote from Dejay

That time Nev tried to figure out how to trace his junk

Last but not least…

The Raccoon

This nothing to do with the episode, but it was absolutely hilarious.

Like I said last week, these special episodes are a nice trip down memory lane, but I’m ready to get back to the one storyline episodes of Catfish next week. 

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