SPOILER: I’m Pretty Sure Nelson Gets Kicked Out Tonight

​There is so much going on in this short video that it is difficult to tell who is who. One thing is certain, Nelson is definitely getting physical with someone.The question is, who is the mystery man that Nelson pushed?At first glance, I thought I was just another contestant. However, the only challenger with hair color similar to the mystery man would be Hunter. ZERO chance that the mystery man is Hunter, unless he laid off the steriods and lost close to 50 lbs. of muscle over the past week. Could have possibly been Shane, but he was already kicked out. So, it can’t be someone on the show, right? 

The more I watched the video, I realized that the mystery man may have been a producer or security.That guy is, very clearly, a part of The Challenge security team. Which leads me to believe that the mystery man is as well.

Regardless, Nelson is shown getting physical, which we all know is not permitted on the show. We’ve seen two challengers already get the boot for a physical altercation earlier this season. So, getting physical with an employee of The Challenge? This has to be curtains for Nelly T. 

By the way, don’t think I missed Bananas in the mix, more than likely stirring the pot. Kings stay kings.

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